Several of the schools found that a timeline was useful to get the children to understand their relationship to the past and to place events from history in a different context. They were also used as a way of organising information.


Case Study: Nicker NS -Timeline

On a visit to Nicker NS, Ann and Mary used a timeline to get feedback from the children about things that had happened in different years. It was a slow process as there was so much research and so many children had things to say for each year. Importantly, because Ann and Mary were able to create a space where the teacher could take the time to listen to the children in a different way through the timeline format, new information came to light from the children.

Stories coming back included tales of a military funeral for a woman, a Great Aunt shot as an informer in Poland, a Titanic love story, an Olympic hammer thrower, a Mayo Granny’s bicycle and lots of stories about the Easter Rising and the War of Independence.