Addressing the questions that have arisen through Phase 1 of the project;
Building and deepening the relationships developed so far between the artists, teachers and children;
Offering time for the process to extend, and for the work to emerge at its own pace;
Realising the second half of the project, through culmination of the work, processing and editing towards the publication of the 100-Year History Book, and a large-scale national launch, attended by participants from North & South.

Structure & Timeline for Phase 2

Phase 2 will comprise several components – including 2 more workshops in each school, a focused period of research for the artist and writer, video documentation and development of the online space, and editing, designing, printing and launch of the children’s history book.

Phase 3

The book publication will offer a unique platform for all participants to share their work in one place, and a launch of this book will provide a significant national event, which will be attended by all the participants.