Polish Soldier WW1

Story about Jan Orzel, the great grandfather of a boy in Nicker NS, Co. Limerick.

Family stories are an amazing resource –if you have access to older family members they can really help to engage children with history.

The teachers found that children need to have a certain amount of confidence in the topic that they are researching before they can get the best from talking to family members about the past. They can be supported in developing appropriate questions and thinking about how to document or record the information that they find. It’s worth asking the same questions in more than one way and giving children time to go back and ask again about things that they don’t understand or facts that they want to check.

Kilmainham Gaol

In Inchicore NS, Dublin, a child’s great granny told him a story about a fourth cousin -a famous prisoner who escaped from Kilmainham Gaol. Teacher, Gemma Kenny talks about the story and its impact on the rest of the class and the project.