Getting an idea of the names of great grandparents or family members who might have been alive during the time is very important if you intend to use a site like the Census of Ireland.

An awareness of street names for urban children and townland names for rural children is really useful too as a way of connecting them to the place that they live and unlocking information about their home area. The children in Annsborough made family trees with Ann and Mary as a starting point for further research.

Case Study: St Joseph’s Boys NS –Family Tree

One of the boys from St Joseph’s Boys NS, Carrickmacross shared his family tree research during Ann and Mary’s visit. Click on the image below to visit find out more.


Case Study: Gaelscoil na bhFàl –Family Tree/ 1911 Census

Teacher Catherine Mc Parland could see that the children in her class needed a strong starting point. When Mary and Ann visited, they introduced the children to the Census of Ireland but the children didn’t yet have the information that they needed to make the most of the information on the site.

Catherine takes up the story herself:

“So within a week a family tree went out and they were asked to fill in a family tree as much as they could and identify somebody who was alive in 1915.

Basically we established that there were two main groups in the class. [For] a lot of the children, the people that they were going to look at were dockers or worked in the shipyards or were mill workers. There was a WW1 soldier.

Once we got a bit of information in, we started to look at the Census and once we looked at the Census, the most of the writing the most of the art came from the Census. You’re able to access the original forms so we went on to look at home language and type of housing.

When we looked at home language we found out there was one –I think it’s in Padraig’s here –his great granda then was a docker as well but everybody in that house were Protestants and everybody in that house their first language was Irish. So things like that became very interesting.”

-Catherine Mc Parland, Teacher, Gaelscoil na bhFàl