About Kids' Own

Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership is a registered charity and leading non-profit arts organisation and publishing house for children in Ireland. Established in 1997, Kids’ Own remains the only dedicated publisher of books by children in Ireland. We have worked with in the region of 50,000 children and have published more than 200 titles with children. Kids’ Own operates from a social change model, which aims to address the dismissal of children’s contribution to society and lack of opportunities for them to meaningfully and creatively express themselves. The lack of recognition of, and opportunity for, children’s own work and expression stems from cultural attitudes towards the role of the arts and to children’s rights. Each are lauded in principle but in practice are poorly understood, supported and resourced. Political responsibility for promoting children’s participation within society is unclear. In addition, the pervasive culture of conformity within Irish society is not conducive to individual creative expression. In general, children are seen as ‘consumers’ or ‘students’ of culture, rather than legitimate cultural ‘creators’ or ‘producers’ – children’s potential contribution to society, and benefit from, the arts has been under-explored. Through our work Kids’ Own strives to create opportunities for children’s own individual creative expression. We provide opportunities for children to have content-rich engagement with professional artists and we believe in the power of creativity to enrich the lives of all children.