Case Study: Hazelwood Integrated PS

There were challenges with finding child-friendly resources when researching more specialist topics such as the Suffragette movement, as investigated by children from Hazelwood Integrated PS in Belfast. When the artist and writer visited the school, the children told them about Emily Davison, and a somewhat mischievous controversy arose about the suffragette’s actions.

At Hazelwood we work very hard on embedding a sense of inclusion and diversity within the children.  That involves tackling issues of race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality and more.  Our school is built on an interface area in north Belfast, with different communities living cheek by jowl in our vicinity.  As an integrated school, which opens its doors to everyone, we have been a polling station for local and general elections.  People come to our building and see it very much as a shared space, welcoming to all.  Discussing elections and why we close for the day to allow voting to take place, created an interest in who can vote and why it is important.  It was this that sparked an interest in discovering more about the local suffragettes.

-David Burgess, Teacher, Hazelwood Integrated PS