Phase 1: Beginnings


Building the team

Phase 1 of the project (2014-15), supported children as researchers, working alongside their teachers, and an artist and writer, to explore events that took place during the decade 1912-1922.

An initial teacher meeting in National Museum of Ireland’s Collins Barracks introduced the participating teachers to the work.


Teacher feedback

The feedback from the teachers on the day reflected both their excitement about the project, as well as their fears and concerns, in terms of supporting the children through a research process while being mindful of the political sensibilities involved.

Working with schools


Artist and Writer in the schools

Sessions in schools led by artist Ann Donnelly and writer Mary Branley took place between January and March 2015.


Documentation & Outcomes

Phase I has been documented in a number of ways, through written feedback, photography, videos…

Moving forward


Phase I round-up

Another meeting rounded off Phase I of the project, this time bringing teachers together in the Ulster Museum in Belfast. Here, they shared their experiences and worked together with the team to establish the terrain for Phases II & III.

Writing about the Lockout

Phase 2 & Phase 3

The aims of the project remain the same as in Phase I, but Phase II is also about: